Empower to Power®

Through self-advocacy, communication strategies, fitness, real scenario self-defense tactics, situational awareness, breath work, and grounding techniques, Empower to Power® aims to give participants a stronger mind/body connection and skills to prevent sexual assault and violence. Our mission is to enhance our students’ abilities to “live in choice, not by chance™.”



At some point in her past, Empower to Power® founder Geneva Simms experienced a Times Up moment and it shifted her life’s path and purpose. Because of that situation, she founded the organization. There’s already enough pain in the world, so her mission became to help prevent what happened to her from happening to anyone else. Her hope is that Empower to Power®’s programs will enable participants to “live in choice, not by chance.”™


Public policy is a key component in empowering those who experience sexual assault, harassment, and discrimination.  Recently, with more awareness being brought to the public about the prevalence of those issues and with the strong statements made by the Me, Too and Times Up movements , state and federal lawmakers have proposed bills that will further the rights of people who have gone through those experiences.   One such bill being proposed in New York State is bill s6382a which, “Relates to prohibiting contract provisions that waive certain substantive and procedural rights.”

Our founders have communicated with local New York senators and secured their support as co-sponsors in favor of passing the bill into legislation.  You, too, may take action by contacting your local senator and requesting their support to pass this bill into law.  To learn more about this bill and to find your local senator, please click on the below link: